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I’ve been suffering from a slew of sleepless nights lately, which has amounted to a zombified slouch and the sort of vague, unfocused gaze straight out of a horror movie. Motor coordination has slowed by about 70% and even the slightest of movements have become tedious and overbearing. As you can imagine, simply dressing myself has become a bit of a monumental task, to say nothing of the journey I’m forced to make up the flights of stairs to my office every morning (GAH!). Let’s face it, sometimes a girl just needs to be in something she can breathe in at the risk of keeling over by the time she reaches her desk.

Keeping in line with Peaches’ coined term (PTW), here’s Minty’s version: Minty’s Today Wear (MTW)!

Say hello to my idea of comfort dressing; for those days when I simply don’t have the energy to pull up something polished from the depths of my closet but still want to look presentable (obviously).

RumbaTime rubber watch,  Sportsgirl long key necklace & pants, Witchery marl-grey top, satchel & sunglasses, Steve Madden studded flats

**necklace, top, pants, sunglasses and shoes not exact but similar to the above


I adore harem pants.

I might even write up an article devoted to how much  I love them, just because. So stay tuned.

xo, minty