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Damn, do I love Maxi dresses!

Bollocks about how only tall people can pull off maxi dresses – then why does everyone wear one to Prom?!

It’s true that maxi dresses have the tendency to ‘drown’ a petite person but the right texture, flow and heels can usually make up for that.

I’m in between a 5’1″ and 5’2″ so that would be termed as ‘Petite’. I usually can’t be arsed with wearing separates especially when I’m home in this humid country so a maxi dress usually does the trick. That very same maxi can be worn casual, chic or elegant with the right type of accessories.

I’ve got quite a few in my closet in different colours and prints (though not actually worn half of them yet!) but due to itchy fingers I could not help myself to some of these gorgeous pleated maxi dresses from The Pop Look; an upcoming online shopping site from Malaysia gaining much popularity! I love how they do free shipping for local deliveries too 🙂

They come in very yummy colours, and so I bought 2 colours (Grey & Tan) a few hours ago to accompany the Navy Pleated Maxi I had purchased a while back. Made of jersey material, it is comfortable and light to the skin (perfect for this weather!) and gives a VERY slimming effect! I love how it is so effortless.

Here’s how it looks like:-

From L-R: Navy, Grey & Tan

Price: RM74.00 a peice (that’s only £14.8 pp for a gorgeous maxi!)

The model wearing it above is the same height as I am, but wearing 4” heels and look – it still works on her!

If you think you have to wear heels all the time with this dress, you don’t! The amazing thing about this dress is you can actually pull the hem higher then clinch that extra length with a belt under the pleats. This is to get a shorter length without the hassle of a tailor. Great for someone like me who practically lives in her Havaianas 😀

Maxi dresses are perfect for the summertime, which means it’s perfect all year round here in Borneo 😀

♥ ρeaches