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Reading Minty’s dream post below, is quite frankly, hilarious. Crappy dreams are when you know it’s off to a happy ending but you are rudely awakened to never see it happen in dreamtime. At times like that, I usually try my hardest to fall back to sleep convincing my mind what should come after.

That being said, I’d like to say that I seem to get headaches after Sunday afternoon naps. Must be the mind’s way of regretting sleeping my Sunday afternoon away→ random useless rambling by Peaches? Definitely.

Diving did not happen yesterday as the weather was lousy and the seas were rough. Wanted to fall back to sleep at 7am but my friend who couldn’t get back to sleep decided we go for morning breakfast. A norm for people living in Malaysia. We love our food!

That aside, I also tested the O.P.I Burlesque Little Teasers mini nail lacquers which M* had bought for her mum. I love painting nails and rather do them myself (compared to wasting my money at a pedicure & manicure when I can perfectly do them myself) so when M* wanted her fingers done, I willingly painted them for her.

I got bored, so I decided to try the colours myself. The picture above does not reflect the real colour on my nails, and I wasn’t too satisfied with the colours.

Why? The colours were a little too sparkly for my liking, and definitely what an older woman (or a very young teenager…I think) would wear. The picture below is a day old and already chipping but that’s because I did not paint 2 layers nor bother putting a top coat.

OPI has many other delectable colours but this isn’t one of them! It so isn’t one of my tolerable favourites that I did not paint the nails on my right hand 😀 Hehe!

Skincare Regime

The key to looking good is to have good skin. The key to having good skin is a good diet + good skincare regime!

How is your skincare regime like? Mine is pretty basic.


Step 1: Face cleanser (I use Johnson & Johnson Clean&Clear Daily Pore Cleanser)

Step 2: Toner (I use Biotherm Aquasource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water)

Step 3: Moisturise (I use Biotherm Aquasource Non-Stop moisturiser)

Weekly (with face mask):

Step 1: Face cleanser

Step 2: Apply Face Mask (I use Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer One-Minute Unclogging Mask)

Step 3: Toner

Step 4: Moisturise

So I just had my weekly home facial done, and I used an unclogging mask from Biotherm. It really does work wonders for a quick pick-me-up and you see instant results in reduced pores, which gives off a very smooth look to the skin.

If you really need a fast pick-me-up without the mask, you can also try the fast version of the above on-the-go mask: This Serum/Concentrate from Biotherm. (It instantly closes up my pores upon application!) Apply it after toning, and before moisturising. Makeup, and you’re ready to go!

Gotta love Biotherm though, as they always give me loads of free samples at Boots! 😀

However my loyalty to the skincare really started when I first arrived in the UK. My combination skin became red and splotchy due to the dry air. At first I tried a deep moisturising cream from Body Shop but my skin wasn’t getting any better until a friend recommended Biotherm.

At the Biotherm counter, they checked my skin (moisture and elasticity) and recommended the range for Normal to Combination Skin (the light green coloured bottles). Ever since then, my skin has increased its elasticity and moisture without a mighty oily look! Love it ♥

Here’s to a less pore-y week ahead!

♥ ρeaches