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If you take a peek at my cupboard, you’ll notice a lot of black mixed side-by-side with prints. Lots of prints (think stripes, checks, animals, flowers, etc.)

I guess I don’t have anything plain…for colour-blocking 😦

Now it’s said that this trend is likely to go very soon like trends normally do but hey, summer’s just around the corner and bright colours are always in. Additionally over at the equator where I am…it’s summer all year round that this particular trend might just become a possible staple style.

Don’t they all look so…bubblegum happy?!

It’s the norm to ‘wear casual’ on Fridays in certain legal firms so I pretty much tried to match this new coral/pinkish-coloured slouchy cottony top with something.

Like black skinny jeans.


Okay, well, and a mint coloured headband from designers hailing from Borneo; Sereni & Shentel. They have got some yummylicious made-in-Borneo headbands for all occassions (like weddings, tea parties and races) so do give it a look! I know Minty can’t stop looking at all the bubblegum colours trying hard to restrain her fingers from hitting the “Purchase” button :p

Maybe one day we’ll both do a bit of pictures styling the headbands and you can be the judge of it!

So basically my look today was similar to this:

Failed? Minty said it worked fine while at lunch (JUST FINE?! Heheheee).

Well, trends aside, it did give me a perfectly fine reason to try out the coral shirt + mint headband. As for the necklace I have on at the moment, it’s actually one I designed, with an arty knot at the lower half of the strands (unlike the picture above).

Okay fine. In my desperation to try to separate the strands, and its refusal to untangle as a knot…I guess I decided to go with it +_+ Fail.

It’s a hot Friday today where I am, but I can’t wait for the weekend!

P.S: Will be diving far out in the sea tomorrow, here’s praying for good weather and possible monopoly deal games on the boat!

♥ ρeaches