I’ve been feeling a world of stress and tension for just about over an hour now and to think it’s only 9 in the morning. Sweeet. I can already hear Peaches telling me to practice my deep breathing exercises.

Evidently for some reason yet unclear to myself, the universe needs me to know that Tuesdays aren’t that far off the mark from the doldrums of Mondays.

Well, I hear you. Now make it all stop.. Pretty please? 😦

In other, far more uplifting sort of rambling, how pretty is this outfit from Proenza Schouler? Loving every detail, down to the last stitch. The contrast collar, the skinny belt juxtaposed on wide-legged trousers, the awesome sleeve length.. It would be the perfect thing to wear to the office – if only dirt, sweat and mud didn’t hate chiffon-silk blends with such unparalleled vengeance.

It’s difficult, being a woman in a man’s world.

You know what’s also equally as difficult, is dressing up for this humid climate. With minimal air-conditioning and more open-air coffee-shops than there are enclosed restaurants, the outfit choices for women are greatly  diminished. Boo. Everyone knows layering is where it’s at. Most days, I seem to get by on running from one air-conditioned area to another.

I wish I could get away with wearing shorts and flip-flops to the office, at the expense of both my dignity and public image. Now wouldn’t that be a right old sight?

xo, minty