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Mondays are not my happy days, and I can be assured that it’s the same for many out there. There’s the regret of “not doing more” on the weekend that (usually) helps compensate a fraction of Monday’s seemingly long hours.

Also it doesn’t help that I am working in the legal and justice sector, and the people around me aren’t exactly eye-candy. Wishing a magic wand will magically appear to spice up their looks but then again…I’ll be using it on me first, like so:

Not exactly the formal wear my workplace would permit – but I could win more clients over with this ensemble…no?

Then there’s an item on my wishlist:

♥♥♥ The Alexa bag by Mulberry in Oak Soft Buffalo. Classic colour for a very beautiful satchel, but at a beautiful price.

All this dreaming at work and after a heavy lunch has made me fall into this trap again:

I’m suddenly having hiccups now – my body’s way of waking up. Ugh.

♥ ρeaches